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Popular pairing:

Garlic Olive Oil and Neapolitan Dark Balsamic Vinegar

take a look at what you can use our oil and vinegar for...

Honey Lemon Chicken Wings

Honey Lemon Chicken Wings

Simple and delcious chicken wings that can be prepared quickly. Yum! Yum!
Chocolate Truffle Mousse recipe

Chocolate Truffle Mousse recipe

This amazingly tasty decadent chocolate mousse recipe with a hint of truffle will have your dinner guests ohhing and ahhing!
Chili Egg Puff - an easy delicious brunch dish!

Chili Egg Puff - an easy delicious brunch dish!

This dish keeps incredibly well and makes a great reheated breakfast. I make it on the weekend and have it all week long for breakfast.

Can substitute mozzarella cheese, or Italian blend cheese for the Monterrey Jack: I've done them all and they taste great.

The original recipe called for butter, but use an olive oil based on what flavor profile you want to create: butter, garlic, chipotle, baklouti green chili, etc. Olive oil makes this dish taste lighter and more flavorful.

For years, I've used Ortega green chilis; then, I discovered Los Roast brand that we carry in the store. The flavor difference is INCREDIBLE! Plus, I get to choose from mild to medium to robust, depending on how intense I want the breakfast dish to be.