Chili Egg Puff - an easy delicious brunch dish!

Chili Egg Puff - an easy delicious brunch dish!

This dish keeps incredibly well and makes a great reheated breakfast. I make it on the weekend and have it all week long for breakfast.

Can substitute mozzarella cheese, or Italian blend cheese for the Monterrey Jack: I've done them all and they taste great.

The original recipe called for butter, but use an olive oil based on what flavor profile you want to create: butter, garlic, chipotle, baklouti green chili, etc. Olive oil makes this dish taste lighter and more flavorful.

For years, I've used Ortega green chilis; then, I discovered Los Roast brand that we carry in the store. The flavor difference is INCREDIBLE! Plus, I get to choose from mild to medium to robust, depending on how intense I want the breakfast dish to be.