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Specialty Gourmet Foods

We carry many specialty gourmet food products.

Please contact our brick-n-mortar store at 206-420-2989 to place an order.

Shipping is variable on gourmet food items.


  • Black Truffle Salt (Italy)
  • San Juan Sea Salts (San Juan, WA)
    • Sea Salt
    • San Juan Blend
  • Jacobsen Salts (Portland, OR)

Eliot's Adult Nut Butters:

  • Espresso Nibs
  • Thai
  • Hazelnut

Saffron: (Cyrus Saffron, Chelan, WA)

  • Saffron threads, 24-carat
  • Saffron salt
  • Barberries


  • Mustard Co. (Ballard)


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