Shipping Options

To all our valued and loyal customers, we appreciate you so much for your support during this time! We understand that you love our products and don't want to be without them, and we are doing our best to be here for you and offer multiple ways to get our products. 

Please be patient as we adapt our processes in this rapidly changing world. Call or email us, if you you have any shipping questions, or things aren't charged as you expect. We are in process of developing a better website.

Shipping Specials:

  • 50% off with purchases over $100
  • Free shipping with over $175 purchase
  • Free local curbside pick up or delivery in QA area. Call or email to arrange

Store hours 

Our current store hours are:

  • Mon - Fri 11am - 6pm
  • Sat - 10am - 6pm
  • Sun - 10am - 5pm 
  • Watch our website , Facebook, email or call us if you need to confirm hours before visiting.
In store orders
  • walk in and purchase like usual
  • pre-order & get curbside pick up or pick up at our front counter
Online ordering

You can also order online at or call us at 206-420-2989

  • We offer
    • 50% off our shipping charges on orders over $100 
    • Free shipping on order over $175
Curbside pickup service
We also offer curbside service for those who don't want to enter the store. Call us at 206-420-2989, or email us at to make arrangements or leave your order.
  • prepay, let us know (roughly) when to expect your arrival, and call us when you are at the curb, so we can walk your order out to you.
  • Payment options include:
    • Pay over the phone and we'll do a manual entry of your credit card (we do not save this information)
    • For existing customers, share your email with us and you will be sent an invoice that you can pay from the comfort of your home
Local delivery service
  • if you live within a 2-mile radius of the store, we will deliver free of charge to you on an arranged basis (see image #1 below)
  • prepay and, if you live within .5 miles of my travel route to and from the store, I will deliver free of charge to you on an arranged basis (see image #2 below)
Thank you for your business & we hope you and your family stay well during this time.
And, we appreciate your business as it keeps our 4 employees employed, as well as keeping us operational without needing to use any government loans, at this point in time.
Warm regards,
P.S. You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram to see our special offers and updates, or share your email with us to be added to our contact list. Thanks for your business!